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Diocese Software Features

Manage Church - Add Churches, church locations and group them under its Forane/Deanery. Assign designations to pastors. Each church has a control panel to manage member records, family units, pious organisations, print certificates, digitally store sacramental records, manage catechism, voluntary groups, church level statistics, communicate with members via E-mail or SMS and submit monthly income expense statements to diocese

Member Demographics - Setup demographic parameters for the entire diocese to group members uniformly and communicate with them more effectively while implementing various programs. These parameters are dynamic and can be modified or added as and when required. They include Category, Gender, Status, Qualification, Liturgy Language preference, Family Relationships, Occupation, Age group, Income group etc.

Groups & Commissions Create internal groups, commissions, councils and committees. Easily assign pastors to each group and communicate. Add volunteer groups that are open to members across all church to join for mass based programs and Diocese level activities. 

E-mail and SMS Diocese can send SMS and E-mail to Churches, Pastors, Commissions and Council members.  The SMS gateway is centralized and all churches can use it for communication with members.

Statistics & Analytics Access over twenty levels of consolidated data across the diocese on a single page. It includes Church, Forane/Deanery level statistics on families & members; last 10 years data on birth, baptism, communion, confirmation, engagement, marriage, death; combined information on catechism students, combined statistics on occupation, language preference, status, gender, qualification, age group etc. with male/female ratio.

Digital Record Archive   Scan and preserve age old records safely and access them using the search and find tool.  While each church manages its own records, the diocese and co-churches can also view them. It has an intelligent search tool to locate member records quickly.

Unified Church Management This software helps diocese to implement and manage unified church management and reporting systems as well as generate reports and statistics based on common parameters.

Pastor Records Manage pastors and deceased pastors record in digital format with personal records,  dates, qualifications, knowledge repository, institutions & churches worked, designations held and period of each assignment. Communicate via E-mail and SMS, handle postings and transfers and update pastor record automatically.

Financial Reporting  - A uniform and centralized church income and expense reporting system. Each church can submit their income and expense statements periodically in a common format implemented by the diocese. This information can be further integrated with the financial accounting systems of the diocese.

Institution Panel Features

Income Expense Reporting - Diocese can add institutions and provide login details to each institution. They can submit their monthly income and expense statements to the diocese online. We expect to add more features and functionality this panel later.

Calendars - Access liturgical and pastoral planner published by diocese.

Communications - Receive regular communications from Diocese. Also receive alerts on other pastors birthdays and anniversaries and send greetings via Email. There is also a provision to access other pastors lists and communicate with them securely via Email.


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